Transcendology Is Transcendence
Urantia United

Spiritual transcendence into a Dimensional Beyondness is a concept that was first used by Kierkegaard to convey the idea transcendence. Transcendence is thought of not as spatial distance, but as God's being in a different dimension altogether, or in a different realm of reality, from that in which we exist.

Inherent in the nature of humans is the desire to improve and better ourselves. This process of going  beyond our current limitations is often referred to as self transcendence. It can apply to any aspect of our being; the physical self transcendence of running faster; the mental transcendence of going beyond our purely egoistic thinking.

At the heart of transcendence is a spiritual concept that we are growing into a more illumining nature and gaining a wider perspective of our true self.

Transcendence is not competing with others. It is a personal journey of self discovery. To practise transcendence we need personal effort, willingness to change. It needs to involve an awareness that our success doesn’t just involve our “little I”, but also the universal self, the bigger  “I”.

Spiritual seekers have experienced transcendence as the grace that allows them to be aware of the infinite consciousness of inner delight. In this spiritual transcendence that the different religions and spiritual practises converge on; the common teaching of going beyond the limitations of the ego and being aware of our higher Source. This Higher Self is called by many different names, but ultimately is beyond any metaphysical concept.

The practise of transcendence is not limited to those who are overtly religious. Any human being who strives for greater perfection and a higher perspective is practising a form of self transcendence, and it is this transcendence that gives us joy and makes us a better, lovable person. 

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